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We have been working with cities and private contractors for more than 30 years and have helped to develop and maintain Best Management Practices (BMPs) in our routine delivery of cost-effective, reliable, high quality service and environmental compliance. All-Clean Sweeping’s unique efficiency model and management approach continue to return annual savings to many local cities.

ELGIN BROOM BEAR - Mechanical Broom Sweeper

Heavy Duty Mechanical Construction Sweeper

The Elgin Broom Bear is especially suited for heavy sweeping such as granular materials like millings or gravel. With its highway speeds, and short wheelbase, the Broom Bear is at home both in both congested urban areas and far away rural locations. This sweeper truck is ideal for construction site cleanup, gravel spill, track out, and any other “heavy lifting” sweeping that needs to be handled.

Elgin Broom Badger

Medium Duty Mechanical Construction Sweeper

The Elgin Broom Badger is a highly maneuverable - yet powerful - compact mechanical sweeper. It is an ideal tool for powerful cleaning such as track-out. It is also great for gravel pickup and lighter milling/grinding jobs. Its compact, low-profile design allows us to easily access tree-lined streets. The Broom Badger's short, 109-inch wheelbase and a tight turning radius give the sweeper operator great maneuverability for cul-de-sac curb lines and tightly winding streets without sacrificing robust street sweeping performance. The side-dumping, 4 cubic yard debris hopper allows extended sweeping intervals for increased productivity on the job. EFFICIENT PM-10 COMPLIANT DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEM The sweeper is equipped with a 220 gallon polyethylene water tank for dust suppression. Water nozzles are carefully positioned to suppress dust while sweeping.

Schwarze Gale Force

For Large Capacity Light Construction and Heavy Duty Parking Lot Regenerative Vacuum Sweeper

Our high power, high capacity 4 Yard Industrial sweeper provides exceptional clean power and maneuverability to provide exceptional cleaning services on your property. The Gale Force units utilize a twin-engine design to provide high performance cleaning of heavy debris such as wet sand and dirt, gravel, wet leaves and debris, and wind blown sand. With dual gutter brooms, we can scrub heavy caked on debris from all surfaces including curb lines. The short wheelbase of these units allows us to clean in tight spaces and close to stationary objects. These units include pressurized water systems for exceptional dust control and are CARB Compliant and meet the AQMD PM-10 Rule Requirements.

Gale Force
Schwarze Vortex

Medium Capacity Parking Lot Regenerative Vacuum

Our large capacity parking lot sweepers are designed to offer exceptional cleaning performance, high capacity debris storage, and quiet operation. All of our large capacity parking lot sweepers include gutter brooms to clean curb lines, water systems for dust control, and CARB Certified auxiliary engines providing exceptional vacuum performance.

Schwarze Updraft

Smaller Capacity Parking Lot Regenerative Vacuum

If you have a height restriction you can be assured All-Clean Sweeping has the correct tool for the job. Our low-profile truck mounted vacuum parking lot sweepers offer the best performance in the industry with a twin engine design engineered to provide exceptional performance, and whisper quiet operation. With clearance heights as low as 77-inches, we can fit into the tightest structures. The powerful vacuum systems remove trash, leaves, dust and debris from your property to ensure your environments stay clean.


Low Height Parking Garage / Parking Lot Regerative Vacuum

The Model 1600RBS is a three cubic yard, gas-powered, heavy duty vacuum sweeper designed to sweep parking lots with heavy trash.


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